In 2021, the consultants of the Business Support Center conducted a full diagnosis of the furniture center's activities: they determined whether the company is registered, whether it has local documents, how its income and expenses will be taken into account at the moment.

The entrepreneur decided to use the service of a three-month subscription of the ICB. As a result, it was decided to close one of the 3 outlets in order to optimize the system.

Secondly, a survey of employees was conducted and the staffing structure was clarified. Now the team building programs are organized monthly in the company's team. The company did not keep accounting records and was not registered with the tax authorities. The consultants immediately filed a voluntary patent and registered each employee in the social security program.

In addition, the company began to keep records of income and expenses. This contributed to the rational use of finance. The company had a large accounts payable in the amount of 700 thousand soms. When the calculation by type of activity becomes more accurate using Excel, the funds are rationally adjusted, which allows you to get rid of the loan correctly and in a timely manner.