Three conditions have become ideal for the entrepreneur Astra Duisheeva and her psychological center “Smile”: to be in the right place at the right time and to get the right advice from the ESCs. How the consulting business of a psychologist develops in the city of Karakol.

The consultants of the ESCs were familiar with Astra when she ran a cozy coffee shop. Even then, the entrepreneur attended trainings and seminars organized by the ESCs, and expressed a desire to try herself in a new path: after all, she was simultaneously studying another profession - a psychologist.

When she received a dimple about graduation, she immediately decided to open a mother and child development center and named it “Smile”. At the center, she organizes trainings for women, conducts various types of therapy for children, and also offers online and offline consultations.

The consultants of the ESCs helped Duisheeva with the registration of new entrepreneurship and the rational choice of the tax regime. By the way, the latter helped her to save money in 24,000 soms. The entrepreneur immediately ordered a seal and opened a bank account. The lawyer helped to prepare several types of local documentation, such as orders, power of attorney, production papers, as well as a contract for the provision of services.

In 2022, Astra participated in a grant program to support women's entrepreneurship in the Ysyk-Kul region, underwent appropriate training, defended her business plan and won a grant-equipment in the form of a projector and a laptop with a total amount of 135,000 SOM.

Now Astra rents a room in the city center. Thanks to PR support from the ESCs, the Smile brand has become recognizable among the population of Karakol. And the entrepreneur is already thinking about selling the franchise.