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In Jalal-Abad region, 17 women entrepreneurs who successfully completed the project ”Women's Economic Empowerment" received certificates for grants

📌On December 15, the ceremony of awarding certificates for grants to 17 women entrepreneurs who successfully completed the project “Expanding economic opportunities for women in Jalal-Abad region" took place. ✅ 17 businesswomen who have received the certificate will receive non-cash financial support in the amount of up to 135 thousand soms.

The Entrepreneurship Support Center announces the recruitment of a financial consultant in Jalal-Abad

📩 The resume must be sent to the email address ceo.jalalabad@jia .kg until June 26, 2022 📊 IN THE SUBJECT OF THE LETTER, YOU NEED TO SPECIFY THE VACANT POSITION FOR WHICH YOU ARE SUBMITTING A RESUME Detailed information by phone: +996 505 250 896


The Grant Program is implemented within the framework of the project of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek "Assistance to economic recovery through support of small and medium-sized enterprises" in partnership with the Business Association of ZHIA, Entrepreneurship Support Centers (CCPs) in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Entrepreneurship Support Center opened in Talas

On November 25, an Entrepreneurship Support Center was opened in the city of Talas, providing comprehensive support to entrepreneurs. This center was created on the initiative of the JIA Business Association and with the support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek. Currently, a lawyer and a business consultant at the center have begun to provide comprehensive services to entrepreneurs. Consultants are professionals who have been specially selected and have already demonstrated outstanding achievements in their field. Business support centers are already operating in Batken, Jalal-Abad, Osh and Issyk-Kul oblasts. The main goal of the center is the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the country, providing comprehensive support to entrepreneurs, strengthening the country's economy by improving business literacy, overcoming the problem of unemployment and poverty.
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We introduce you to the head of the furniture center “Kerben” Mayrambek uulu Nursultan, who works in Talas.
In 2021, the consultants of the Business Support Center conducted a full diagnosis of the furniture center's activities: they determined whether the company is registered, whether it has local documents, how its income and expenses will be taken into account at the moment. The entrepreneur decided to use the service of a three-month subscription of the ICB. As a result, it was decided to close one of the 3 outlets in order to optimize the system. Secondly, a survey of employees was conducted and the staffing structure was clarified. Now the team building programs are organized monthly in the company's team. The company did not keep accounting records and was not registered with the tax authorities. The consultants immediately filed a voluntary patent and registered each employee in the social security program. In addition, the company began to keep records of income and expenses. This contributed to the rational use of finance. The company had a large accounts payable in the amount of 700 thousand soms. When the calculation by type of activity becomes more accurate using Excel, the funds are rationally adjusted, which allows you to get rid of the loan correctly and in a timely manner.
Check out the "Dem" library of the new format in Karakol!
In November 2020, a unique conceptual library was opened in the city of Karakol on Issyk-Kul. In March 2022, the founders of the Breath reading room got acquainted with the Entrepreneurship support Center through the MIA Business Association. Legal and Business consultations were necessary for a new social project, so the consultants were immediately contacted. The consultants of the Entrepreneurship Support Center received subscription support for the dem project, within the framework of which the library's activities were registered, a general tax regime was selected, a separate patent for a coffee shop in the library was obtained and an agreement was concluded between the coffee shop and the library. The founders say that it never occurred to them to draw up legal documents so quickly and easily, and with the help of a professional consultant, the work was done quickly.
Meet the next heroine of the "Successful Case" column - Aida Batyrova, Batken city
Aida Batyrova turned to the consultants of the Entrepreneurship Support Center and, with the help of consultants, became a participant in the OSCE grant program. She founded the Adis Ken Training Center and received the necessary equipment as part of the program. Aida received consultations on financial management and business development from the CCI and, with the help of a lawyer, was able to obtain a license so that her center could issue certificates in the future. Now Aida is one of the most active and strong entrepreneurs of Batken.
A successful case: One of the advanced productions "Bal Shirin" and its founder Arstanbek Mamatov
The consultants of the Entrepreneurship Support Center in the Osh region became the reason for another successful case. The founder and head of the workshop with the sweet name "Bal Shirin" is entrepreneur Arstanbek Mamatov. It provides the Osh region and other regions with natural types of jam. He got acquainted with the consultants of the CCI and conducted long-term cooperation: he received consultations in the field of business development, finance and legal issues. The consultants of the Osh CCI thank A.Mamatov for his trust and wish him further prosperity.
Entrepreneur from Batken Orazgul Karabotoeva: "I was taught how to properly distribute income from business. I use it in practice and my business is moving forward with bold steps."
We would like to introduce and proudly share the success story of Orazgul Karabotova, who effectively used the consultations and recommendations of the Entrepreneurship Support Center and is now at the next indicative stage of her activity.
The Aikhalization project was successfully implemented by the Entrepreneurship Support Center
We continue to share with you the successfully implemented projects of the Entrepreneurship Support Center in the city of Osh.
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