VSP +The Universal System of Preferences of the European Union 

On January 27, 2016, the resolution of the EU Commission on granting the Kyrgyz Republic the status of a user of the VSP+ scheme came into force. The main purpose of obtaining this status was to promote the export of Kyrgyz goods to the EU countries, strengthen integration into the international trading system, as well as increase the investment attractiveness of the country and its international image.

VSP+ provides an opportunity to enter on preferential terms the market of 28 EU countries with a population of over 508 million people, with a high level of purchasing power. Customs privileges for 6,200 commodity items (66% of the total commodity nomenclature) provided to Kyrgyz goods under VSP+ lead to significant savings due to reduced costs of customs duties.

In addition, the scheme increases the investment attractiveness and recognition of the country by expanding preferential sales markets and improving the image of the country as complying with the requirements of international conventions in the field of human rights, labor and environmental protection.

Commodity items subject to VSP+ preferences cover a wide range of goods, including, for example, fruits/vegetables, dried fruits, textile products, animal products, food products, chemical products. The main items of Kyrgyz exports to the EU include beans, honey and bee products, felt products, sewing and textile products, mushrooms, medicinal raw materials (mummies, dietary supplements), apples, natural oil (nut, almond), dried leguminous vegetables, tobacco raw materials and tobacco waste, flower seeds, scrap and non-ferrous metal waste, as well as hunting trophies.

It should be noted that the requirements for standards (quality) for goods remain the same, i.e. VSP+ provides only tariff preferences.

In the appendix I am sending you a list of products that fall under the VSP+ regime, the European Union regulation governing this regime, as well as a brochure on VSP+.

The EU website where you can view the requirements for imported products: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/tradehelp/

In addition, you can find useful analytical materials on the export of Kyrgyz products to the EU market on the website of the Agency for the Promotion and Protection of Investments of the Kyrgyz Republic by clicking on the link https://export.gov.kg/ru/for-exporters/analytics-for-markets