3. Marketing consultation

Marketing is an activity that aims to make a profit by meeting the needs of customers. This is a very generalized definition that shows the essence of any marketing activities – the ability to sell a product or service to a target audience.


  • Launching a business, product or entering new markets: what kind of marketing do you need? where to start? who is your target audience and where do your customers “live”, how to attract them? how to develop and launch an effective advertising campaign?
  • Creating a system marketing department: What will your marketing department do? what kind of marketer do you need? who does your marketer need? what will he do and how to evaluate his work? how to motivate a marketer?
  • Creating an effective "Promotion Funnel". which advertising channels are most effective for your business and segment? how to measure the effectiveness of marketing actions? how to increase the conversion funnel?
  • Creating a selling website from scratch. What is a “selling” site? What type of website do you need? How to make a technical task? How to choose a contractor? What data should the contractor provide when handing over the work?
  • Creation and implementation of an on-line or off-line promotion strategy. How to create a competitive strategy? What tools should I use when writing a strategy? How to allocate your target audience? How to choose promotion channels? How to make a media plan and calculate the budget?
  • Implementation of changes in the marketing and sales department. How to “make friends” with the marketing and sales department and get the effect of “synergy”?