Ilyasbek Malikbayevich Zhusuev is an experienced lawyer and consultant on civil law issues, drafting contracts, drafting constituent documents and creating legal entities.  Within one year, Ilyasbek Zhusuev managed to provide legal assistance in the creation of more than 30 companies and more than 80 companies from various industries received consulting assistance and managed to provide 250 consultations on various legal issues.

Thanks to his extensive experience, he always offers his clients the right solutions according to the norms of the laws. Ilyasbek Zhusuev improved his qualifications by participating in various courses such as: 

- course "Organization of contractual work in the company", in Sochi 2012;
- Course "Director of Legal Affairs", in St. Petersburg 2012;
- the course "Topical issues of legal practice" and "Lawyer for presentation and claim work", in Moscow 2011. 

Ilyasbek Zhusuev is a Lawyer of the Kyrgyz Republic, has a license to practice law.

Phone: 996 779 62 49 60