The Grant Program is implemented within the framework of the OSCE Program Office project in

Bishkek "Promotion of business and development of small and medium-sized enterprises" in partnership with the Support Center

Entrepreneurship (CPP) in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The purpose of the program is to promote the expansion of economic opportunities through the provision of non-financial support to women entrepreneurs


Batken region.


Businesswomen who have:

Willingness to learn entrepreneurship;

Business or business idea;

Production of goods or provision of services in demand in other regions/countries has been established;

The need for non-financial grant support (to expand production, purchase additional equipment, additional materials, etc.);

Willingness to register as entrepreneurs (patent/certificate);

The economic need of the participant.

Business projects/ideas in the following priority areas can be presented within the framework of the program:



Production and processing

Services (catering, advertising, dry cleaning, etc.)

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Information Technology (IT)


Art and design.

Priority in the selection will be given to socially oriented businesses, women with difficult life situations, as well as export-oriented businesses.


Participants who have passed the selection:

- will undergo training on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and financial management, etc.;

- finalize their business projects and present them;

- will receive consulting support and comprehensive support from the consultants of the CCI throughout the entire cooperation (up to 1 year);

- will have the opportunity to purchase equipment, necessary materials or equipment for the development of their business or business idea.


Attention! To participate in the program, the application form must contain reliable information. Projects should not be aimed at violating the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.



The procedure for accepting documents and conditions of participation in the Program

To participate in the Program, participants must submit a completed application of the appropriate form (see Appendix No. 1);


Provide a copy of the national passport (ID card);

Conditions of participation in the program:

A fully completed online application form with a detailed description of the business idea;

Provide a description of the business idea, project;

The documents and materials submitted to the contest are not returned to the participants of the Program and are not reviewed


See the online form here


* Participation in the program is free of charge.

The deadline for accepting applications is June 15, 2020, until 17:00

The procedure for implementing the Program

The program is carried out in three stages, from May to December 2020:

The preparatory stage is preparatory. At this stage , it will be formed

Grant Commission (March-May);


The first stage is qualifying. Acceptance of applications for participation in the program from May 15 to June 15



In the process of accepting applications, the Entrepreneurship Support Center (BSC) in Batken will hold information events and consultations, where participants

Programs can get additional information.

Based on the submitted application, the Grant commission will select candidates for inclusion in the program, which will be approved by the minutes of the meeting of the Grant Commission until June 25, 2020.

The second stage is training and consultation. Entrepreneurship training will be held for 25 selected women until July 15, 2020: "Business planning", "Financial Management", "Financial literacy", etc.

The third stage is the consideration of business projects. The Grant Commission will study and evaluate business projects according to the approved criteria for considering business projects.

The selected business projects will be approved by the minutes of the grant commission meeting by August 10, 2020.


The selected participants will receive:

- the grant in the form of equipment and/or materials for opening / running a business will be held until September 20, 2020; The maximum cost of the grant is 70 thousand soms;

- finalize their business projects and present them;

- consulting support and comprehensive support of the experts of the CCI, as well as constant monitoring of the implementation of the business project throughout the entire term of the contract (up to 1 year).